It’s wise to turn to a licensed doctor of audiology. It’s also important to choose one who truly cares.

Because of the technology involved in today’s hearing aids, and the very individualized nature of hearing loss and dizziness, it is wise to seek the services of a licensed and certified audiologist. Education, experience, and specialized training create a vast difference between an audiologist, and a hearing aid dealer or sales person. Audiologists hold at least a Masters or Doctorate degree in the field of audiology. All of the audiologists at NWOHC are specialists who have earned Doctorate degrees in audiology.

Audiologists are also licensed by the state and hold certification by the American Academy of Audiology, the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and/or American Speech and Hearing Association. Audiologists can be identified by M.A., M.S., or Au.D, in addition to using a CCC-A designation behind their name.

Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic is staffed by doctors of audiology with over 60 years combined experience as audiologist. We have had the honor of training future audiologists and physicians in our clinics.

We take a team approach to hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness. Our good rapport with otololaryngologists, primary care physicians, physical therapists and other allied health professionals allows us to provide the most comprehensive services possible. Our caring team of audiologists will make you feel comfortable, informed, and in control of your situation. We listen, so you can hear.

Our Team of Licensed, Certified Audiologists

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Our caring staff of hearing specialists, who are all doctors, will use the latest technology, most advanced equipment and their extensive experience as audiologists to develop the best treatment for you. Then, when you’re ready, we'll explain your options in complete detail, so you can make an informed decision.


Hear what our patients
are saying...

"For many years I have been helped with my hearing loss in ways that even my family doesn't get. I have come in crying and just their understanding and patience with me makes the world of difference. I sincerely thank EVERYONE for being there for me."

SD, Toledo

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