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The audiologists at Northwest Ohio Hearing Clinic love to explain how the human ear works. We think it’s important for you to understand the basics of how you hear – before you decide on hearing aids.

The human hearing system is made up of three parts: the Outer Ear, the Middle Ear, and the Inner Ear.

The Outer Ear collects the sounds which travel down the Ear Canal. The sound moves from the Ear Canal to the Eardrum which is a thin membrane of skin. When the sound hits the Eardrum it causes the Eardrum to vibrate. These vibrations are then transferred to the Middle Ear.

The Middle Ear consists of the three smallest bones in the human body - the Hammer, theAnvil and the Stirrup. These bones vibrate and pass the sound along to the Inner Ear.

The Inner Ear contains the Cochlea and the Semicircular Canals. The Semicircular Canals contain fluid and small hairs which move as the sound waves pass through the fluid and help the body to maintain balance. The Cochlea also contains fluid which vibrates as the sound waves pass through it and changes the sounds into nerve impulses. The nerve impulses are then sent to the Auditory Nerve which passes the information onto the brain which processes the sound and allows us to hear and maintain our balance.

Some people suffer from congenital defects, or damage to nerves in the inner ear, causing the audiologist to recommend hearing aids specifically designed for the inner ear.

It’s important to understand these basics about how you hear and how your ear is structured in order to understand your audiologists’ diagnosis of your hearing loss, tinnitus, or dizziness. Armed with knowledge, you can make an informed and confident decision about which hearing aid is best for you and your lifestyle.

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